Taking Tongkat Ali Before Bed and Improving Sleep Quality. Here is What We Know

Tongkat Ali is known for its energizing properties due to its adaptogen effects on your hormones. Taking Tongkat Ali supplements or Tongkat Ali coffee may boost your energy levels more than you need especially if you are taking it in the evening or before bed.

This article investigates if Tongkat Ali improve sleep quality and whether you should take it before bed.

Use this guide if you are curious about Tongkat Ali’s effects on sleep quality, or if you have sleeping disorder.

Does Tongkat Ali improve sleep?

Tongkat Ali promotes sleep quality by increasing REM and Non-REM sleep duration and reducing sleep latency (i.e time taken for you to fall asleep).

A 2022 study published by in the Journal of Nutritional Science & Vitaminology showed that Tongkat Ali improved sleep rhythms and delta power during the inactive phase of NREM sleep. 

Results showed that Tongkat Ali promotes deep-sleep (i.e Non-REM sleep) by lowering the Core Body Temperature (CBT) from the ingestion of amino-acid that happens during sleep.

The same study also found that Tongkat Ali supplementation did not cause any significant alteration (sleep waking) during sleep duration, thus overall improving sleep quality.

Sleep Quality Parameters Does Tongkat Ali improve sleep quality?
Sleep Latency How long it takes you to fall asleep Yes
Sleep Waking How often you wake up during the night Yes
Wakefulness How many minutes you spend awake during the night after you sleep Yes

Is Tongkat Ali a sleeping-improving agent?

Japanese scientists have recently filed a patent for Tongkat Ali to be used as sleeping-improving agent in novel foods to aid in sleeping quality by reducing core body temperature (CBT).

Tongkat Ali lowers your core body temperature (CBT) during sleep which helps you sleep longer and improves overall sleep quality.

FAQ: User Guide

Find out more how to use Tongkat Ali to improve your sleep and whether it may disrupt your sleeping disorders.

Can I take Tongkat Ali before bed?

Yes you may consume Tongkat Ali just before you go to sleep. However, the boost of testosterone from Tongkat Ali during your sleep will ensure that you wake up fresh and energized the next day.

What is the best time to take Tongkat Ali in the evening?

To improve your sleep, take 1 capsule of Tongkat Ali (200mg or less) 15 minutes before going to bed. This allow Tongkat Ali to digest during your sleep and you will wake up fresh, energized and without any brain fog. Please ensure you have 6-8 hours of sleep to get the full effects of Tongkat Ali.

Does Tongkat Ali makes me sleepy or drowsy?

Tongkat Ali is an adaptogen herb with stimulant properties that will not make you sleepy or drowsy. It acts on the opposite manner by making you feel more energized, fresh and mentally alert.

Does Tongkat Ali cause insomnia?

Tongkat Ali may cause insomnia (i.e difficulty in sleeping) after several hours of taking Tongkat Ali. If you are naturally highly sensitive to caffeine and other insomnia-inducing substances, it is highly recommended to avoid taking Tongkat Ali after 5pm.

What should I do if cannot sleep after taking Tongkat Ali?

As Tongkat Ali boosts your energy levels (physically and emotionally), you may want to remain calm by doing Whim Hof breathing techniques and stop any form of physical and mentally draining activities before bed (eg: switching off your phone, away from your laptop).

Does Tongkat Ali helps with my sleeping disorder?

Tongkat Ali may improve mild sleep disorders such as insomnia, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy and sleep apnea if taken 15 minutes before you sleep. Tongkat Ali is known to reduce cognitive stress, anxiety and depression if consistently over 4 weeks and taken at the right time (before 6pm).


Tongkat Ali is gaining new grounds in recent years as a sleep-improving ingredient that are used in sleep supplements to aid better sleep with calming effects during your rest state. The best time to take Tongkat Ali is 15 minutes before going to bed to ensure that you sleep well.

It is best to consult your healthcare professionals if you have chronic sleeping disorders, severe insomnia or other medical conditions associated with mental health before consuming Tongkat Ali.


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