The Best Tongkat Ali Coffee From Malaysia. Here is What You Need To Know

Last Updated 27th October 2022

Tongkat Ali coffee is an ancient herbal beverage that originates from centuries of traditions from South East Asia. In fact, some believe that Tongkat Ali coffee was first used by the indigenous before the invention of modern medicine and antibiotics.

In fact, Tongkat Ali coffee is unique to Malaysians, found at most traditional coffee shops since the 1800s.

Now, you may be wondering what makes Tongkat Ali coffee so special.

Both caffeine from coffee and Tongkat Ali contain a family of alkaloids, a bioactive ingredient that is reported to improve cognitive performance and a host of other health benefits.

The dopamine effect from Tongkat Ali coupled with the boost from caffeine attracts coffee lovers around the world to experience this novelty coffee.

There are more secrets that you should know about Tongkat Ali coffee.

In this article, we will share more about Tongkat Ali coffee, how to find the best Tongkat Ali brands, and some other insights to why this Tongkat Ali coffee is insanely popular.

Lets find it out!

  1. Tongkat Ali coffee is part of Malaysian tradition and culture, consumed daily since the 1800s.
  2. Tongkat Ali coffee is reported to deliver a wide range of benefits including increased energy, better mood, stamina and even libido. 
  3. Caffeine and Tongkat Ali contain alkaloids – which may amplify the benefit associated with mental clarity, focus and cognitive performance.
  4. The best Tongkat Ali coffee contains potent Tongkat Ali extract with the highest bioactive ingredients.
  5. 70% of Tongkat Ali coffee brands have a low quantity of Tongkat Ali content that brings little to no health benefits.
  6. Tongkat Ali coffee can be done at home using authentic Tongkat Ali coffee powder.


In its simplest form, Tongkat Ali coffee is derived by adding coffee together with Tongkat Ali root extract. It is a century-old tradition that is deep-rooted with a rich history, dating back to the 1800s.

Quintessentially Malaysian, Malaysian Tongkat Ali coffee is now extremely popular globally. It is consumed daily by all walks of life and is not limited to the health and fitness community.

The growing popularity is due to the fact that Tongkat Ali is now widely accepted amongst mainstream medical professionals, herbalists, scientists, nutritionists, sports amateurs, and general consumers.

In addition, growing clinical tests validate Tongkat Ali’s long list of scientifically proven health benefits.

Nestled amongst the busy streets of Malaysia and Indonesia, artisan Tongkat Ali coffee is making a comeback. 

Hand-roasted coffee beans mixed with the most potent Tongkat Ali seemed to be the perfect choice for many coffee lovers.

The perfect blend of Tongkat Ali coffee with its distinctive taste will definitely reinvigorate your senses.

In Western countries, Tongkat Ali coffee is seen as a novelty, often appreciated by coffee aficionados and by a small group of discerning people in the West End of London.

However, the truth is, Tongkat Ali coffee unlocks more benefits than one could imagine.

The best Tongkat Ali coffee that tastes good and works well to keep me awake all day is KOFFEE by AKARALI.

The Tongkat Ali coffee experience has two distinct advantages.

The first one is the ability to amplify the benefits associated with mental alertness, focus, and cognitive performance. This is fueled by alkaloids from both caffeine and eurycomanone from Tongkat Ali.

The second advantage is, the addition of Tongkat Ali serves as a nootropic to reduce crashes or lessen the impact of caffeine withdrawal. 

Usage, Aroma & Taste

Tongkat Ali coffee is used and consumed in many ways. Just like any other coffee, Tongkat Ali coffee can be enjoyed daily at any time of the day.

Here are some common use of Tongkat Ali coffee.

☕ Common Usage:
  • To turbocharge your mental clarity and focus in the early morning.
  • To recharge your day during sluggish mid-afternoon hours.
  • To stay alert during night shifts.
  • To sustain your energy when undertaking heavy physical work-related tasks.
  • To boost your sports and anaerobic performance.

If you are new to Tongkat Ali coffee, the aroma and taste will open up a new experience for most people.

Some call it an acquired taste, but for those who have a penchant to explore new frontiers, Tongkat Ali coffee can really blow your mind. More so once you experience the combined benefits from caffeine and Tongkat Ali.

☕ Aroma & Taste:
  • Aroma: Light herbal note and smoky
  • Taste: Light sweet chocolate with a hint of bitter aftertaste from Tongkat Ali.

Having said that, not all Tongkat Ali coffee products provide the same experience.

Now, let’s get on to the next topic.

Does Tongkat Ali coffee work?

Before you get excited to try any Tongkat Ali coffee. Let us warn you. 

Most Tongkat Ali coffee products may disappoint you. 

If you are expecting noticeable improvements or health benefits such as improved energy, testosterone, weight loss, muscle gain and libido from drinking Tongkat Ali coffee, than you may be better off taking potent Tongkat Ali supplements than coffee.

There are two reasons behind this.

Firstly, there are plenty of fake or illegal Tongkat Ali coffee in the market today.

Secondly, the amount of active Tongkat Ali extracts found in most Tongkat Ali coffees is extremely low to yield any benefits.

If you think you are getting any benefits, most likely it is fueled by the sugar rush. The 3-in-1 Tongkat Ali instant coffee contains more sugar than Tongkat Ali or coffee.

More about this later on.

Fake and Illegal Tongkat Ali coffees

From our research, there are more than 112 Tongkat Ali coffee on Amazon, and more than 300 Tongkat Ali coffee on Lazada.

With the increasing number of Tongkat Ali coffee brands sold each year, it makes it harder to identify fake Tongkat Ali or those containing illegal substances.

Authorities have seized plenty of fake Tongkat Ali coffees over the years. Brands such as the CNI Tongkat Ali Coffee, and Tongkat Ali Kopi Jantan sold in the United States were banned by USFDA due to desmethyl carbodenafil found in the Tongkat Ali coffee.

Whilst Tongkat Ali is not banned in the USA, the problem arises when Tongkat Ali coffee is mixed with other illegal substances such as Viagra or Cialis.

So, don’t be easily duped!

Most if not all Tongkat Ali coffee brands bring little to no health benefits.

Fake CNI Tongkat Ali Ginseng Coffee seized by authorities in Malaysia. Beware when you buy one. Source : TheStar

Kopi Jantan Tradisional by Natural Herbs Coffee is banned by USFDA in 2017. Source: USFDA

Besides fake or illegal Tongkat Ali coffees, here is another problem.

Did you know most Tongkat Ali coffee contains high amounts of processed sugar?

The surge of energy that you experience is definitely due to the effects of processed sugar.

The next time you buy a Tongkat Ali coffee, please read the content or the nutrition label to avoid any dissapointment.

Buying Tips:
  1. Check the Nutrition Facts on the rear label of the Tongkat Ali coffee. Make sure the Total Sugar (expressed in grams or a percentage value) is available and disclosed.
  2. An authentic real Tongkat Ali coffee has ZERO Sugar, and ZERO Fat
  3. Try to avoid Tongkat Ali coffee that contains processed sugar.

Best Tongkat Ali coffee such as KOFFEE is sugar-free, has zero cholesterol and zero fat too!

Tongkat Ali active ingredient in coffee

If you want to gain the most benefit from Tongkat Ali coffee, please ensure the product has the right amount of Tongkat Ali extract in the coffee.

If you are expecting a high amount of Tongkat Ali content in those Tongkat Ali coffee brands sold today, you will be utterly disappointed.

Now here is what we found.

The active content of Tongkat Ali found in most pre-mixed coffees is between 0.0039% and 0.0246% (7.8nanogram to 49.3ng)

A research study by the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) on 10 popular Tongkat Ali coffee brands revealed that seven of them contained only 0.25% to 1.6% of the Tongkat Ali herbal extract.

And the active content that can be extracted from Tongkat Ali is much lower than that, averaging between 0.0039% to 0.0246%.

According to FRIM medicinal plants programme director, Dr Rasadah Mat Ali, she concluded the low amount of Tongkat Ali found in Tongkat Ali coffee was not sufficient to benefit one’s health.  

You can read all about it from credible research papers published here.

Buying Tips:
  1. Avoid buying Tongkat Ali coffee brands from large capitalists who ride on the hype of Tongkat Ali benefits.
  2. Avoid buying cheap Tongkat Ali coffee that is manufactured in China. Most china-made Tongkat Ali coffee contains low-quality extracts with little to no benefits.

If you accidentally bought one, you must be thinking how much Tongkat Ali coffee do I need to drink to gain the health benefits?

Here is a rule of thumb used by many Tongkat Ali research experts.

If a person weighed 80kg, he needs a minimum of 150mg Tongkat Ali extract daily to enjoy its benefits.

If one packet of Tongkat Ali coffee contains an average of 7.8 nanogram of Tongkat Ali, it means you need to drink almost 100 cups to enjoy the health benefits. 

So which is the best Tongkat Ali coffee that I should buy?

You find the answers in the next section. 

The Best Tongkat Ali Coffee

There are a handful of brands that truly specialize in Tongkat Ali coffee in Malaysia. Each brand has its own blend and taste which gives a unique coffee experience.

The best Tongkat Ali coffee brand with the best flavor and scientifically backed benefits is KOFFEE Tongkat Ali by AKARALI. Its US-patented Physta Tongkat Ali extract gives a perfect aroma and taste to the Sumateran coffee extract.

A perfect blend of harmony exists in Tongkat Ali coffee if you choose the right brand. As taste is rather subjective, there are other Tongkat Ali coffee brands that you should consider too.

Best Tongkat Ali coffee in Malaysia:
  1. KOFFEE Tongkat Ali Coffee by AKARALI
  2. AliCafe Tongkat Ali Coffee by PowerRoot
  3. Coffee Omega Tongkat Ali Coffee
  4. Nu-Prep Tongkat Ali Coffee

The best Tongkat Ali coffee contains substantial amount of Tongkat Ali in each serving.

Having said that, you can make the best Tongkat Ali coffee at home and still gain maximum health benefits.

There is a secret that you won’t find anywhere on the internet.

It is so simple, and you will get super impactful results fast! Like almost instantly.

But first, you need to choose the right Tongkat Ali with the highest level of potency such as Physta®.

It helps to find the most potent Tongkat Ali as it delivers the maximum efficacy in a shorter amount of time; so you can feel the boost of energy, or dopamine rush almost instantly when you mix it to your favorite coffee.

So here is a simple Tongkat Ali coffee recipe that will kick-start your day!

Combining authentic Tongkat Ali powder extract with your favourite coffee and honey is a healthy way to boost your energy for the day.

Best Home Made Tongkat Ali Coffee Recipe

Find out the best home-made Tongkat Ali coffee in 3 steps, and get it done in 3 minutes!


  • 1 cup of brewed freeze-dried coffee (medium roast by Haco SUISS)
  • ½ teaspoon of Tongkat Ali (equivalent to 1 capsule of 200mg AKARALI)
  • 1 teaspoon of Australian Bush Honey
  • ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • ½ cup of whole milk (if required)


  1. In a small saucepan, combine the coffee, milk, honey and Tongkat Ali. Cook and stir with low heat for 5 minutes. (Please do not let it boil.)
  2. Remove from the heat; stir in vanilla.
  3. Pour into cups or mugs and serve immediately.


Depending on the type of coffee beans,  the overall taste will vary greatly. You can alter the taste of your Tongkat Ali coffee by adding more honey or organic brown sugar.

We recommend Sumatera Mandheling and Brazilian coffee beans should you need to brew your own coffee at home. 

Be creative and create your own Tongkat Ali coffee.

With that homemade recipe, you can now create your own version of a freshly brewed Tongkat Ali coffee too!

Be creative and let your imagination run wild!

The truth is, Tongkat Ali coffee is a revolution. An awakening that pushes your boundary and true potential to the next level.

Tongkat Ali coffee is not made for coffee aficionados, but it could be for anyone who likes an extra boost of energy throughout the day, or as a pre-workout drink before hitting the gym.

Artisan Tongkat Ali coffees such as AKARALI Coffee are increasingly popular in Malaysia.

With two shots of espresso mixed with fresh dairy milk and 150mg of Tongkat Ali extract in each bottle, our vision of a perfect Tongkat Ali coffee delivers an earthy and smoky taste with a hint of bitterness from Tongkat Ali.

Are you ready to create your own version of Tongkat Ali coffee?

How often can I consume Tongkat Ali coffee?

You can take Tongkat Ali coffee regularly throughout the day, or when you need to. Ideally, the recommended intake is between 2-3 cups a day.

The reality for most non-coffee aficionados is this.

Whether it is two, three or even four cups, the amount that you can consume largely depends on your tolerance for caffeine. The addition of Tongkat Ali may positively reduce your dependency on caffeine too.

But some find the Tongkat Ali coffee experience a bit too intense for them.

So the best way is to monitor and control your intake whilst understanding how your body react to Tongkat Ali coffee.

And if you are experimenting with your homemade Tongkat Ali coffee, our recommended intake (i.e one cup of coffee) is to add between 100 to 150mg of Tongkat Ali per serving.

If you feel a bit jittery than usual (due to the effect of alkaloids from Tongkat Ali and caffeine), you may reduce the amount of coffee or add more milk.

If you have your own secret recipe of Tongkat Ali coffee, do let us know. We also would like to seek your reviews from our secret recipe here.

Enjoy your Tongkat Ali coffee and leave your comments below!

Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a writer and journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meanings through words. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness.


The content published on this website is for educational purposes and should not be viewed, read, or seen as a prescription or constitute any form of medical advice. We recommend you consult your nearest GP or doctors before consuming Tongkat Ali or any products which contain Tongkat Ali. For further information, kindly refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.

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