Coronavirus Live Update: Top Global Real-Time Trackers & Heatmaps

Are you searching for the latest update or possibly a real-time tracking on Coronavirus or COVID19?

We are going through an unprecedented level of uncertainties as the world is fighting to contain the spread of coronavirus. Our level of panic can be reduced significantly if we keep ourselves informed and updated with the latest information.

Here we shortlisted top credible sites with real-time updates, statistics and cases on Coronavirus (COVID19).

This will be handy if you need to share with your families, friends or colleagues abroad or if you need more constant update to facilitate better business decisions or use this as a credible source of information.

Each COVID19 live tracker extracts data from credible sources such as WHO, CDC and other data sources – each with unique dashboard designs along with a set of features to ease your navigation and usability.  

Coronavirus Scam Alert

Please be aware on scam alerts on coronavirus apps or links that contains malware. As reported by Forbes, the content is transmitted as a Fox News article encourages users to download a COVID-19 themed to track coronavirus.

Kindly watch out for any links texted to your Android phone promising an app to track coronavirus. Downloading the application will let the hacker snoops and watch you through your smartphone camera, listen your conversation through your microphone or pilfer all your text messages.

1. WHO Coronavirus Live Dashboard

The World Health Organization (WHO) has one of the best looking COVID19 live trackers we found online with simply to use and intuitive layout. Designed for users with little to no technical software knowledge, navigation is basic with clickable buttons for user to select any country of interest.

The statistics and figure displays are kept at minimal with key data such as number of confirmed cases, number of deaths and total cases over a period of time.

The only major drawback of WHO coronavirus dashboard is the slow loading time as it runs on ARCGIS platform. It took more than 10 seconds to load and navigation is not as smooth as other live-trackers that we found online.

You may find the WHO Coronavirus live-dashboard on ARCGIC platform here here:

You can also access WHO official website from here:

2. CNN Coronavirus Live Tracker

Here is an informative dashboard by CNN. This coronavirus live tracker contains updated information and data mainly from WHO.

Information is presented in a nice layout with good display of contrast. The dashboard also contains animated heat maps showing affected countries. Data includes list of reported cases and death cases. However, the level of interactivity is very low and lacks user-defined functionalities that you can configure. In short, it provides a one-way information to the public.

Now, the plus point about CNN’s COVID19 dashboard is the clutter-free layout. The dashboard is viewable both via desktop and mobile. If you need latest updated information about COVID19 without going too much details, this will be the one for you.

Here is the link:

3. John Hopkins Coronavirus Live Tracker & Heat Map

One of the most comprehensive coronavirus live tracker is designed by Professor Lauren Gardner and his student Ensheng Dong. Both are attached to the department of Centre of System Science and Engineering (CSSE) of John Hopkins University.

The live dashboard uses data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China, and reports from the media, healthcare facilities and medical professionals.

It features total confirmed cases, total deaths and other cool features such as a mobile-friendly version and the ability to zoom and the ability for users to interact with each of the dashboard elements.

For example, you can zoom into the heat map to view cumulative confirmed cases and active cases in each country. And there is a zoom button in case you need to take a closer look at each country / cities / region.

This coronavirus live-update is mainly for intermediate or advanced users who screams for detailed information. For geeky fans out there, you may access the John Hopkins Corona Live Tracker Dashboard here:

4. Worldometer Coronavirus COVID-19 Tracker has been around for some time and covers a wide range of statistics. Just name it! From population statistics, birth rate, death rates, and even Government and Economic expenditure statistics.

As for Coronavirus, they have designed rather a simple Fit-For-Purpose (FFP) dashboard to provide the public sufficient information such as total Coronavirus cases, total deaths, total recovered, total active cases, total closed cases, and country-specific data.

Here is how it looks like:

Aesthetics aside, this dashboard is functional and level of user interactivity is kept at a minimal. For example, you can sort the columns in ascending or descending order by clicking on the tabs on each column, which we found very useful.

The best way to describe the user experience is similar to an Excel worksheet, if you are familiar with it.

Yes you can view via mobile but the only shortcoming is lack of interactivity and can be dull to look at times. The site displays random ads on the top of the navigation bar and sides, so it can be distracting at times!

 Here is the link:

So there you go! Top four reliable coronavirus tracker that gives you real-time update on what is going on globally. Stay safe indoors and don’t forget to share this with your friends and loved ones. We apologize if there are changes on the URL links or broken links due to constant updates by the host of the live-tracker.

Do leave us some comments if you find it useful!

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