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We sell pure authentic Malaysian Yellow Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) root extract. Buy the best Tongkat Ali supplements, capsules, coffee, extract powder and drinks with worldwide delivery. 

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  • Tongkat Ali 60 capsules | Standardized Hot Water Root Extract | Clinically Tested For Men & Women

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Buy quality Tongkat Ali supplements at our official Tongkat Ali Amazon stores in the US, Australia & Singapore.


Our Tongkat Ali store provides you the best Tongkat Ali shopping experience in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and UAE. We are the number #1 Tongkat Ali shop with the largest selection of Malaysian Tongkat Ali supplements, capsules, coffee and extract. As the largest manufacturer and supplier of Tongkat Ali, you may now buy pure Malaysian Tongkat Ali in bulk with massive discounts directly from us.

Being the Amazon’s Choice for the best Tongkat Ali in US for men and women for many years, we sell quality standardized hot water Tongkat Ali root extract that is pure and free from adulterants. This is by far the most authentic real Tongkat Ali store apart from our official stores on Amazon UK, Amazon US, eBay, Etsy and others.

We sell 3rd party lab-tested and clinically tested Tongkat Ali supplements  using proprietary Physta extract, thus making us as amongst the reputable Tongkat Ali brands in the US and UK, especially amongst discerning customers searching for high-quality herbal supplements.

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is also known as Pasak Bumi or Eurycoma Longifolia Jack. This plant contains alkaloids and quassinoids and its major bioactive ingredients comprise of eurycomanone, eurypeptides, glycosaponin, polysaccharides and crude protein. These compounds are well studies to help men with low libido, protein synthesis for muscle growth, accelerate fat loss, increase metabolism and energy production. Tongkat Ali is also used mainly in the UK, US and Canada as a natural testosterone supplement that works for aging men, and young adults who are diagnosed with low testosterone levels.


Where Can I Buy Tongkat Ali in the UK?

You can buy Tongkat Ali online right here at AKARALI UK.  AKARALI Ltd (Registration No: 14307257) is a company registered in the UK that specializes in high quality Tongkat Ali supplements, capsules and extracts. Our Tongkat Ali supplements come in capsule form at a dose of 200mg per capsule with 400mg daily serving.


Is Tongkat Ali available in the UK?

Yes, Tongkat Ali is available in the UK through our online store. Buy pure Tongkat Ali supplements in the UK hassle free, without the need of prescriptions by NHS. Enjoy DHL Express delivery in the UK directly from our warehouse.


Where can I buy real Tongkat Ali in EU?

You may buy authentic real Malaysian Tongkat Ali in EU directly from our store. We are the only Tongkat Ali shop in EU that are trusted by herbal purists, as most of our european customers seek for highly potent and clinically tested Tongkat Ali extract that performs better than Indonesian Tongkat Ali in EU.


Where Can I Buy Tongkat Ali in the US or Canada?

You can buy Tongkat Ali through our US online store with a wide range of high quality Tongkat Ali capsules, supplements and powder extract. Unlike private Tongkat Ali labels in the US, we are the largest Tongkat Ali shop in the US that can accommodate large orders directly from the manufacturer, and enjoy high quality pure Tongkat Ali extract that are not filled with binders or maltodextrin for maximum health benefits.

Our Tongkat Ali products are made from 100% Tongkat Ali root extract that is standardized to high levels of eurycomanone, eurypeptides and saponin content. This is made possible using hot water extraction technology that is MIT-formulated and clinically tested to deliver higher potency and efficacy, making it the strongest Tongkat Ali in the US, UK, Europe and UAE.

Our Tongkat Ali supplements contains standardized Tongkat Ali hot water extract that is sourced and harvested from mature plants found in the wild Malaysian rainforests of Pahang. Our single-origin Tongkat Ali plants are sustainably harvested in collaboration with the indigenous to ensure consistent quality harvesting for many years.

Rest assured our Tongkat Ali products contains 100% yellow Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) with no fillers or additives and EUROFINS-certified to be free from adulterants or illegal substances.

Our Tongkat Ali supplements are made from fine powder extract which is developed using Physta standardized hot water extraction technology, making it highly soluble for a wide range of applications.

We assure you that this is the best place to buy 100% pure Physta Tongkat Ali extract. We sell Tongkat Ali powder extract that has no binders, no fillers, contains no common allergens, gluten and GMO-free. Our Tongkat Ali extracts are highly soluble and known as one of the strongest and most potent Tongkat Ali in the world as reported by the New World Report buying guide.

Our Tongkat Ali products are used as food or dietary supplements. Tongkat Ali is reported to have a wide range of health benefits which restore healthy testosterone levels, support muscle growth, boost libido, strength, and support men’s fertility and the immune system.

Our Tongkat Ali supplements are clinically tested for men and women, backed by 26 clinical studies since 2003.

We deliver Tongkat Ali directly to major cities across US, UK, Europe, Australia, UAE and Asia with DHL Express within 3 to 7 working days.


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Enjoy Tongkat Ali free shipping with same-day delivery if you are buying in Malaysia.


Our Tongkat Ali products are cGMP certified by HACCP and third-party lab tested by EUROFINS USA to ensure purity, potency, safety and free from adulterants. In addition, all our Tongkat Ali products are Kosher and Halal certified.  

Our US-formulated premium Tongkat Ali supplement meets the highest quality dietary supplement standards set by the USFDA and it is manufactured in a USFDA-approved facility.

In addition, our Tongkat Ali comes with Certificate of Analysis (COA) for every batch of production that complies with the highest Malaysian Tongkat Ali standards MS2409.

Buy 100% authentic Malaysian Tongkat Ali root extract without fillers or additives. Our Tongkat Ali roots are handpicked in the Malaysian wild rainforests of Pahang, often from mature 5-year-old plants and chromatography tested using MIT-developed fingerprinting technology to verify their authenticity.

Our products come with a certificate of authenticity every time you purchase our Tongkat Ali supplements. Regardless if you are buying Tongkat Ali in the UK, US, Canada, UAE, or from any part of the world, rest assured you are buying an authentic Tongkat Ali.

For the best online shopping experience, we advise our customers to shop directly at our official Tongkat Ali store to avoid buying counterfeits and fake Tongkat Ali products.

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