Gym Instructor Tongkat Ali as Pre-Workout Supplement

Why Tongkat Ali is a good pre-workout drink for athletes and fitness fans

Would you be surprised when I say that as a fitness instructor, my go-to energy booster is Tongkat Ali? If so, then you’re not alone! I would be too if I didn’t know the greatness of this Malaysian herb beyond its ability to improve one’s libido.


That’s right: Tongkat Ali is also a great tool for decreasing your stress and improving your mood. And unlike steroids, it helps to increase your testosterone count exponentially the natural way.


Let’s focus on that last bit of information. If you’re living the active life (like me) or you’re a semi-professional athlete, then you should know that a healthy testosterone count can improve your athletic performance, be it at the gym or on the playing field.


Let me explain how and why.

Higher testosterone count improves athletic performance by miles

Tongkat Ali, or longjack as it’s known to the Western world, is derived from the roots of the medicinal plant, Eurycoma Longifolia, which can be found in its original form throughout Malaysia.

According to an article published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Tongkat Ali is made up of compounds referred to as quassinoids, which are typically found in medicinal plants with known therapeutic health benefits. Not only do these compounds contain aphrodisiac properties, but they are also able to increase testosterone levels.

This natural herb is thus recommended to active adults who want to boost not only their testosterone count and sex drive but also their lean mass and overall athletic performance.

Again, enhanced performances are all about the magic of the testosterone.

A famous study published in the New England of Medicinal Journal revealed that supplemental testosterone directly correlates to increased muscle size and strength. The exercising group of people who were given testosterone supplements had grown more than 600mm in muscle size in their quadriceps, while the exercise-only group had loss over 100mm of mass. The first group were also found to improve their 1-RM bench press test by 9kg while performance by the second group remained the same. Evidently, enhanced testosterone count helps boost your athletic prowess.

In an interview with the New York Times, Penn State’s sociology and human development professor Alan Booth agreed: 

If you win, you know you are going to be challenged again soon, so higher testosterone would keep you prepared for the next challenge

Professor Alan Booth - Sociology and Human Development

He also added, “Lower testosterone may keep individuals, who lost and got seriously wounded, from engaging in another immediate battle where they might suffer even more damage.”

So getting your testosterone high is key in maximizing your performance.

It’s not just for active males

On this note, I must mention that there is no gender discrimination when it comes to restoring healthy testosterone levels. In fact, naturally healthy testosterone count in the female body gives female athletes a competitive advantage.


While the hormone is commonly associated with the male anatomy and masculinity, is also produced in female bodies for similar reasons, chief among which are sex drive, fertility, bone mass, distribution of fat, and muscle mass.


So as you can see, Tongkat Ali can be beneficial to everyone.

Why I’m thankful I found Tongkat Ali

I’m not a professional athlete, but as a gym trainer, I have to put in just about equal effort into my fitness routine. With Tongkat Ali, I get to improve my fitness game.


I didn’t find the herb, it found me, through a client who loyally trains with me. In the first few weeks of coaching this client, I began noticing that he was able to perform all the aerobic and strength tasks we’ve lined up for him in a naturally happy and energetic demeanour.


As a trainer who is supposed to embody all that, I was curious. I needed to know the recipe to his wholesome endurance. So after a few observable sessions, I asked him about it. Imagine my surprise when he revealed his secret: a consistent consumption of medically-approved, all-natural and 100% safe Tongkat Ali supplements.

Needless to say, I was sold, and the rest is history.


After experimenting with some safe-to-consume Tongkat Ali capsules, I can now conclude that I prefer to take drink the herb. Yes, you can actually take it as as a beverage by adding its powdered form inside the capsules to your pre-workout cup of coffee or herbal drink.


After taking up the herb to supplement my exercise sessions, I have noticed a gradual yet no less obvious change in how I operate. I am much more energetic, less prone to stress, and definitely more focused during both my personal workouts or training sessions with my clients. Remarkably, I have also been steadily packing more lean muscles, particularly in my upper body, that being on synthetic steroids can never truly sustain.


So believe me when I say that…

Steroids are out, and Tongkat Ali is in

Why? Well, it’s simple. Steroids are bad, and Tongkat Ali is all-natural and safe for your body.


But let me explain further, so you get the bigger picture.


Before I found out about Tongkat Ali and its benefits, I used to secretly take anabolic steroids from time to time to boost my muscle mass, motivation, and performance. They are different than corticosteroids, which help to reduce swelling and overactive immune responses.


If you don’t already know, anabolic steroids are medically used to treat hormonal issues that cause delayed puberty (notably in males) and muscle loss in diseases such as AIDS. With its muscle-building effects, you can guess why so many athletes and fitness enthusiasts would use them, often illegally,  to the point of abuse.


But the truth is, steroids are a shortcut, which is using it for your athletic gains is considered cheating. If you’re a trained athlete, then you should know that the consequence of using them to win can get you disqualified from the sports event you’re participating in.


And it’s not the illegal status of steroids that is most troubling. Using the substance long-term can lead to health complications that are often irreversible if not checked and stopped on time. Unfavourable side effects in men include increased breast size, painful erections, and a decrease in testicle size. Women, meanwhile, would grow excessive body and facial hair, suffer irregular menstruation, and experience enlarged clitoris among other effects.


Even more scary is the fact that your reliance on steroids can even bring about life-threatening consequences, such as stroke, heart problems, liver disease, and cancer.


Tongkat Ali, meanwhile, has the capacity to deliver the results that you seek with steroids, but without all the dangerous risks. In fact, there are plenty of health benefits to gain.


Want to stay alive and healthy while increasing your fitness and performance levels? Then it’s time to make the switch to an organic and completely wholesome option.

Boost your athletic performance holistically

So you’re a newbie and thus unsure how to incorporate Tongkat Ali into your active life.

Well, you can start out by adding it to your pre-workout drinks. From my experience, it’s the most enjoyable way of consuming the herbal supplement. But of course, you can also take it on its own in its capsule form if you want to.

Some people consume Tongkat Ali daily in coffees too! Here is one home-made Tongkat Ali coffee recipe that surely will boost your day.

Whatever way you decide to take Tongkat Ali, know that it will give you all the benefits you need to improve your fitness levels and performance.


Couple your intake of the herbal supplement with a steady practice of adequate sleep, meditation, and a balanced diet, and you will show up more invincible than ever for your active life.

Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a writer and journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meanings through words. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness.

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