Grow & Feel Stronger Again

 Tongkat Ali improves your performance by supplementing your fitness plan with the right bio-active nutrients.

Boost your anaerobic performance, muscle strength and isokinetic strength.

Push your limits to new heights. 

Supplement Your Fitness Plan

Scientific tests showed that Tongkat Ali is suited for athletes, sports professionals and active adults, both as pre-workout and post-workout drinks. 

Tongkat Ali remains the preferred choice to supplement your fitness plan due to its wide range of benefits that can achieve significant performance in your workout and sports activities.

AKARALI premium Tongkat Ali is safe to be used in competitive sports as it contains no steroids and other harmful or banned ingredients. 

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Boost Your Performance

Muscle Growth
Grip Strength
Upper Body Strength
Anaerobic Performance
Isokinetic Strength

Deliver Beyond Your Boundaries

AKARALI™  quality Tongkat Ali helps you to achieve better performance in sports, competition or your regular active lifestyle.

Tongkat Ali is widely used in functional food and dietary supplements in recent years due to its safe natural anabolic properties.

Find out how Tongkat Ali enhances the performance of various sports activities from cycling, bodybuilding, MMA and yoga.


Gain further distance with Tongkat Ali. A study by Dr. Shawn Tallbot showed improvement in cycling performance with four doses of 100mg of daily consumption of Tongkat Ali.


 Supplement your yoga exercises with Tongkat Ali. A study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed the use of Tongkat Ali resulted in a 5 % increase in lean body mass.


Gain more anaerobic power and muscle strength in your MMA fights or HIIT workouts. A study by the University of MARA Technology Malaysia showed 200mg of Tongkat Ali daily resulted in significant improvement on upper body power and handgrip strength.


Build more lean muscles using natural ingredients such as Tongkat Ali. A preferred alternative than steroids. Study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed an increase in arm-circumference and lean muscle growth.

Save Time With AKARALI Coffee

Make AKARALI™ Tongkat Ali Coffee your ideal pre-workout drink. 

Drinking coffee before intense training improves athletic performance and lessens the amount of time for muscle recovery.

Our freshly brewed coffee with premium Tongkat Ali blend will deliver the boost of energy that you need before your workout.

Achieve more with less.

Gain More Strength

AKARALI™  quality Tongkat Ali extract benefits both men and women to achieve more muscle strength.

Add a new regime of natural supplement to your workout and feel the difference.

Clinical trials by the Florida State University showed marked improvements in 32 test subjects (both men and women) on various weight-based workouts – from bench press, squats and deadlifts from the consumption of Tongkat Ali.

Tongkat Ali supplements increased muscle force grip in both men and women.

The mechanism of Tongkat Ali increased the production of testosterone that helps to promote muscle growth.