Tongkat Ali Review: A Female Perspective

Now expected the unexpected. This is the first female review of Tongkat Ali.

This review will give you more experiential insights on Tongkat Ali and how it benefits women.

We have been searching for high and lows for real-world feedback from women who are open to share their detailed experiences after consuming Tongkat Ali. Yet, it wasn’t an easy task.

Yes, there are a handful of female reviews of Tongkat Ali in our global consumer review archives. But this Tongkat Ali review is more special. It is a culmination of real life perspectives backed by scientific studies on how it affects a young healthy female.

As you may have read in our past article, Tongkat Ali benefits the female community across a diverse range of ages, in particular for women approaching 40. And women between 50s and 60s gain the most benefit from Tongkat Ali.

Our first inaugural female review of Tongkat Ali was done in a candid setting, by a person whom by far has zero exposure on herbal supplements or even Tongkat Ali.

Now, this review hopefully sets the tone for more Tongkat Ali reviews by female users, female athletes and sports enthusiasts, submissive vixens, active mothers, menopausal mothers, queen mothers and hardworking alpha women from around the world.

Female Reviewer

Meet Riley Mae, our female test review participant.

Brief Profile:
  • Name: Riley Mae
  • Age : 22
  • Location: Colchester Essex, UK
  • Tongkat Ali dose: 200mg daily / OFF and ON cycle for 4 weeks.
  • Personality: Outgoing and adventurous, with alpha female characteristics.
  • Prior experience with herbal or Tongkat Ali: No (zero exeprience)

Summary Review

Fat Loss & Lean Muscle

Tongkat Ali Review by a Young Adult Female

When we first approached Riley in Colchester Essex, she was extremely doubtful about this whole review idea. Only because she wasn’t aware about Tongkat Ali’s existence and how it could benefit her.

If you are born in the 2000s, or if you are Gen-Z, chances are you will find the existence of Tongkat Ali (and its corresponding health benefits) is rather (a) shocking, or (b) too-good-to-be-true.

To be honest, Tongkat Ali is rather popular in the UK by the sports & fitness community, albeit consumed more widely by men than women.

And coming from a small town with 1.8 million population, Riley is definitely a bit more conversative when it comes to trying new things, despite her global adventures to exotic places like Bali and Mexico.

Source: Riley Mae

On her initial skepticism, she felt that Tongkat Ali is a supplement designed for men. Well, at the end of this review we proved her wrong.

After getting her to do some research about Tongkat Ali (and we meant hours of reading and explanation), it didn’t take a while for Riley to come back to our AKARALI team to do this review.

We spent hours with Riley to also understand her lifestyle, her exercise routine, her daily nutrition and diet requirements before giving her the taste of Tongkat Ali.

Source: Riley Mae

As you know, Tongkat Ali’s effect on women can vary depending on various conditions, especially during menstrual cycle as your hormone fluctuation affects various function of your body including mood, etc.

Due to women’s inherent hormone cycle, this explains why Riley has days where she feels extra tired, moody and having to fight her own nightmares.

As for Riley, her objective for this Tongkat Ali review is a straightforward one.

She is curious if Tongkat Ali can have any affect on her strength at the gym, and of course other benefits too.

We gave her a hint that Tongkat Ali may improve her mood due to the effects of cortisol and dopamine (the feel-good hormone).

Well, that was the deal clincher. So it didn’t take much persuasion for her to give Tongkat Ali a try.

Being an alpha female (with studies showing higher testosterone than most women), Riley is super-obsessed with her hours at the gym. We she is the epitome of a gym-rat.

Tongkat Ali Female Review: After Four Weeks

Does Tongkat Ali work for women?

For most women, you can feel an instant response or boost of energy. Tongkat Ali works well for alpha women too. Here is what Riley Mae has to say.

As soon as I started taking it, I felt instantly better

Now, we gave Riley AKARALI EURYPREP 200, where each capsule contains 200mg of clinically tested Physta® Tongkat Ali extract for 30 days.

And since she is in her early 20s, we recommended Riley to take 1 capsule (200mg) for 5 days a week, with an alternate weekly OFF / ON cycle.

Note on Tongkat Ali dosage for women

  • Recommended daily dose for most women ranges from 50mg to 200mg with weekly ON/OFF cycle.
  • If you are into endurance sports, take 200mg daily with weekly ON/OFF cycle.

As a reference to all female Tongkat Ali users, there are various dosage options that are available for you to choose from based on your health objectives.

Based on Riley’s workout training regime, 200mg of Tongkat Ali daily is ideal to give that energy boost before hitting the gym in the morning.

In fact, Tongkat Ali is a popular pre-workout and post-workout supplement that is used by active young adults including female athletes and sports amateurs.

Given the inevitable rise and fall of testosterone throughout the day (see chart below), it is best to consume Tongkat Ali in the morning after your first meal to give that added testosterone boost your body needs before exposing yourself to strenuous exercises.

This makes Tongkat Ali suitable for physically-demanding jobs, or if you are working night shifts. It helps to restore hormonal balance and keeps you energized and focused all day.

Testosterone changes hourly depending on the time of the day. It is best to consume Tongkat Ali when you need it the most.

For Riley, it worked well for her.

Riley said “I didn’t realize I was doing more reps at the gym after taking Tongkat Ali for one week”

“The energy boost was simply fantastic” she said when we contacted her on the phone.

Feedback on Tongkat Ali by Riley

Improved Strength: 

  • More strength at the gym, with more reps during weight training

Improved Energy: 

  • “Definitely got a lot of energy”

Improved Focus & Mood: 

  • “ I am more focused”

Improved Fat Loss & Lean Muscle: 

  • “ I noticed like fat loss and more lean muscle”

Improved Skin: 

  • “The anti-aging properties have done a big difference to my skin”

On the last bit on skin improvement, we were quite shocked to hear the effect of Tongkat Ali on women’s skin. But here we know that Tongkat Ali has an effect on testosterone, estrogen and cortisol, which may bring positive impact on skin.

Testosterone and Skin

Testosterone binds the sensory receptors of the sebaceous glands, this stimulation activates the glands to produce more sebum, and the hormone also creates a similar effect on the pores making them larger.  Due to the large pores, the skin is able to quickly absorb the oils which moisturize and make it supple.

Estrogen and Skin

The hormone estrogen is responsible for making skin look younger due to the hyaluronic acid it produces. Increasing estrogen has a positive impact on the skin and Tongkat Ali has shown to increase estrogen by 33% in young adults.

Cortisol and Skin

Another hormone that can have big effects on your skin is cortisol. Your body produces more cortisol when you’re under stress, and overproduction of cortisol will cause sebum and acne issues. Tongkat Ali has been shown to reduce cortisol levels and improve overall mood in moderately stressed subjects (both and women).

Regardless, women are using natural testosterone booster supplements like Tongkat Ali as a safe alternative to TRT or HRT.

If you are in your 50s or 60s, Tongkat Ali is an effective hormonal supplement to boost your testosterone and estrogen too!

Here is a quick review.

Tongkat Ali Reviews: Aging Women

We recently received a positive review from a 67-year-old woman in the UK who uses Tongkat Ali to revitalize her health and energy.

Check out her video below:

Tongkat Ali Reviews: Adult Women

Adult women who has B12 deficiency reported less fatigue, better sleep, better memory and cognitive function after taking Tongkat Ali.

Here is a female review of Tongkat Ali (courtesy of Chloe from UK) that we recorded in 2022.


Is Tongkat Ali a herbal supplement for women? Find out how Tongkat Ali can benefit women.

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Parting Thoughts

Does Tongkat Ali work on women? Yes. There are many visible benefits and secrets from Tongkat Ali that are waiting to be discovered by millions of women around the world.

Tongkat Ali revitalizes women’s health regardless of age. It is reported to have helped many women to overcome stressful situations at work that consumes physical and mental energy.

And it benefits women who are active at the gym to accelerate strength and reduce weight loss by promoting leaner muscle.

The positive effects of Tongkat Ali on women are underpinned by its ability to regulate and restore reproductive hormones.

So if you feeling lethargic, demotivated or showing some symptoms of androgen deficiencies as you hit your late 40s, or even as early as 30s in some cases – then this is the best time to consider Tongkat Ali.

If you are an alpha female, young or constantly active in the gym like Riley – you can equally benefit more from Tongkat Ali’s energy-boosting capability; driving your testosterone to its optimal level and helping to develop that extra lean muscle that you aspire.

If you have tried Tongkat Ali, do share your review in the comment below. We need more reviews from women just like you!

Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a researcher and investigative journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meaningful content through words and facts. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness in Malaysia .

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