Clinically Tested & Scientifically Proven

AKARALI is the best Tongkat Ali that is clinically tested with 20 years of research studies and clinical trials, delivering maximum health benefits. Experience the best scientifically proven Tongkat Ali extract.

Clinically Tested. Scientifically Proven

AKARALI contains premium Tongkat Ali extract using Physta® formulation that is subjected to the most stringent clinical trials and research studies by scientists around the world since 2003.

We are committed to delivering clinically-tested Tongkat Ali products that are exceptionally superior and safe.

There are many potential health benefits from Tongkat Ali that are clinically tested using Physta® extraction in collaboration with various public and private research institutions.

Hot-water freeze-dried standardized extract is the next frontier of what defines a quality Tongkat Ali.

Our decades of clinical trials are a testament to quality and long-term commitment.


millions doses of Physta® Tongkat Ali extract produced and consumed


clinical trials and research using Physta® Tongkat Ali extract

The best Tongkat Ali experience can only be achieve from multiple research studies, clinical studies, and trials with independent research centers, and medical faculties around the world.

Gain more health benefits from scientifically proven Tongkat Ali with decades of clinical trials over the past 20 years.

Make Her Smile

Our best Tongkat Ali formulation Physta® is clinically tested to deliver significant and consistent gains in men’s libido and fertility.

Wake up with joy. And gain more.

The celebration of joy begins here.

Tongkat Ali is popular as an alternative natural choice for men’s health. With modern science and innovation, Tongkat Ali is recently proven by scientists to promote a healthy libido, sperm motility and concentration.

Make her smile again and celebrate your long-lost joy. 

per cent

longer erection time

per cent

more sperm concentration

per cent

more sperm motility

Natural Testosterone Booster

Tongkat Ali is scientifically tested to restore and promote a healthy testosterone level for both men and women.

Our testosterone levels peak between 25 to 30 years of age in both men and women and reduce gradually annually.

At the age of 60, testosterone levels are typically only 40-50% of youthful levels and may be lower due to stress and related lifestyle issues such as diet, exercise, and sleep patterns.

Revitalize Your Body.

Tongkat Ali is taken as a daily supplement to restore your energy by elevating your testosterone. This herb is immensely popular for middle-age adults seeking to gain their long lost energy and vibe.

Revitalize your energy and feel vibrant again.

per cent

increase in testosterone (women)

per cent

increase in testosterone (men)

Build Muscle Strength

High amounts of total serum testosterone levels correlate with higher lean body mass, lowered fat mass, greater muscle strength, and faster recovery. Many athletes and fitness professionals have switched from anabolic steroids to natural remedies such as Tongkat Ali.

Gain more in less time.

Tongkat Ali is a functional ingredient that is widely used pre-workout drinks used by athletes and sports professionals due to its anabolic properties.

Research studies showed Tongkat Ali’s proven benefits in performance-related sports activities that require strength and stamina; with a significant increase in muscle growth and strength.

Clinical trials showed significant improvement in four to six weeks.

per cent

more muscle strength for women

per cent

more muscle strength for men

Stress Reliever

Urban living raises stress levels, and those living in cities are 21% more likely to experience anxiety disorder while 39% have an increased risk of mood disorders. 

Tongkat Ali is a preferred choice to reduce stress and anxiety by scientists. This is achieved by reducing cortisol hormones that are responsible for stress and overall mood.

Your body, mind and soul deserve better. 

Revitalize Your Mind & Soul.

Tongkat Ali is taken as a health supplement that is proven by scientists to reduce anger, tension and confusion, resulting in a better mood profile.

Some of these may deliver better stress management when dealing with difficult situations.

Calm your soul from within. You will never feel the same again.

per cent

reduction in anger

per cent

reduction in tension

Decades of research and clinical trials

Physta® Tongkat Ali is a result of decades of research and development by renowned scientists, medical professionals and experts.

Dr. Annie George

Head of Science & Research Department, Biotropics Malaysia Berhad.

View Paper

Professor ChoKyun Rha

Professor of Biomaterials Sciences and Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T., USA)

View Patent Paper

Professor Dr. Anthony J. Sinskey

Professor of Microbiology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T, USA)

View Profile

T. G. Sambandan

Researcher at Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T., USA)

View Paper

Professor Dr. Ismail Tambi

Clinical Consultant Andrologist and a Reproductive and Sexual Health Specialist, Damai Hospital, Kuala Lumpur.

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Professor Katsuiku Hirokawa

Professor of Emeritus in Pathology at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan.

View Paper

Professor Ralf Henkel

Senior Professor at Department of Medical Biosciences, University of the Western Cape, South Africa.

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Dr. Sun Tao

A chief scientist, professor, and chief physician, with expertise in anti-aging and stem cell technologies, China 


Dr. Shawn Talbott

Fellow of both the American College of Sports Medicine and the American College of Nutrition, USA

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