Best Tongkat Ali is not from the United States. Here is what we know.

Last Updated: 23rd January 2021

Are you fast approaching your mid-thirties but often feeling lethargic, exhausted, moody and ignoring simple pleasures after long hours at work?

If you are, then chances are you are experiencing a low level of testosterone in your body.

In fact, reports found that 1 in 4 men over 30 in the United States are experiencing low testosterone levels.

Now a quick remedy often leads you subscribing to a wide range of exercises, online trainers and herbal supplements to make you feel alive again.

Here is an interesting fact.

If you are in America and shopping for herbal supplements such as Tongkat Ali, you are not getting the best.

There are few things you need to know about finding the best Tongkat Ali in US.

Tongkat Ali is popular in the United States

Yes, Tongkat Ali herbal supplement is surprisingly popular in America.

But for most Americans, the word Tongkat Ali is unheard of.

The fact is, both LongJack and Tongkat Ali comes from the same plant known as Eurycoma Longifolia.

Well, the fact is, there are millions of American consumers searching for Tongkat Ali or LongJack for various health reasons.

Our data shows approximately 70% of our Tongkat Ali customers are from the United States, with 90% of our daily visitors are Americans.

Google Analytics shows the majority of AKARALI website visitors purchasing authentic Tongkat Ali are from the United States (Source: Google Analytics)

Asian herbs and natural plant-based products are gaining popularity in recent years as a proven alternative to lab-produced supplements.

Herbs such as Tongkat Ali gained equal attention due to a wide range of health benefits that are scientifically proven by scientists and clinical trials.

Amongst popular reasons are the fact that many are using Tongkat Ali to improve ED and men’s libido.

If you are new to Tongkat Ali, let’s hear some facts from Stephanie below.

Now, you may think Tongkat Ali serves only one benefit – to improve libido for men, but it doesn’t end there.

Buyers from the United States are aware of the need to boost their immune system regularly through vitamins and supplements.

Research conducted by a group of Japanese scientists in 2016 showed that Tongkat Ali’s ability to boost the immune system by increasing the T-cells in our body.

In fact research showed that the increase in supplements has skyrocketed due to the global pandemic as consumers find ways to boost their immune system.

17 out of 20 supplements sold on Amazon
are immunity-related

However, searching for the best Tongkat Ali in the United States often comes with challenges.

With more than 200 brands of Tongkat Ali sold on Amazon, your search often ends with a handful of glossy marketing claims of “the best Tongkat Ali” in finished product

The best Tongkat Ali sold in the United States are sourced from Malaysia

The fact is most of the Tongkat Ali sold globally today are sourced from Malaysia or Indonesia.

The best or popular Tongkat Ali products sold in the United States are manufactured in the US using the raw Tongkat Ali processed in Malaysia.

However, the Tongkat Ali brands produced in the US are not necessarily authentic, pure or potent compared to the ones sold in Malaysia.

90% of the raw ingredients from the Tongkat Ali plant
are sourced from Malaysia

Here is an industry fact.

Malaysia and Indonesia are the only two countries that have been exporting raw (unprocessed) Tongkat Ali to the United States for final production.

And no, Tongkat Ali doesn’t grow in cold climates, nor it is found in South America or China.

Physta® Tongkat Ali root extract contains the finest ingredients with the highest bio-active compounds.

There are things you cannot buy in the US.

For instance, the highly acclaimed patented freeze-dried Physta® Tongkat Ali, which is based on pure root extract, is not available in the US market.

The most potent Tongkat Ali comes from its root, with the highest concentration of eurycomanone, glycosaponin, protein and other bio-active compounds.

An image showing Tongkat Ali roots that are harvested in Malaysia. Do American Tongkat Ali brands contain pure root extract?

It is unfortunate that some brands marked in the United States often dilute it’s potency by mixing with less potent parts of the plant – eg: the branches or bark. Worst still, some Tongkat Ali suppliers in the US are using Black or Red Tongkat Ali, which are supposedly more potent, but more dangerous to health.

The best Tongkat Ali used and tested as safe are usually from the Yellow Tongkat Ali, indicated by the distinct yellowish color with a strong but distinctive bitter taste. Here is a comparison between Yellow, Red and Black Tongkat Ali if you are unsure.

For suppliers and brand owners in the United States, taking short-cuts in Tongkat Ali production means more profit margin for them.

But again is this ethical?

American Chris Kilham, founder of the Medicine Hunter at a Tongkat Ali collection centre in Malaysia.

Furthermore, longer time is required to ship tonnes of raw Tongkat Ali from Malaysia to the United states, and that means the quality of Tongkat Ali can be severely impacted due to the sensitivity from humidity and weather changes. 

Effectively what you are getting are low-grade Tongkat Ali products sold at premium prices on Amazon, or at your local pharmacy.

Worst still, the United States Foods & Drugs Authority (USFDA) has issued warnings against Tongkat Ali products that contain sildenafil and tadalafil which is illegal and harmful to your health.

Americans deserve authentic Tongkat Ali experience

Given the scenario, Americans deserve better access to quality healthcare and natural supplements.

The escalating cost of healthcare and profit-oriented companies have prompted many Americans to purchase Tongkat Ali directly from the source (i.e the country of origin).

That leaves many counterfeit Tongkat Ali product resellers on Amazon scrambling to deceive millions of Americans.

Americans have no choice as Amazon continues to dominate the online market with near-fake Tongkat Ali products which are heavily diluted and less authentic.

If you have not been to Malaysia, how can Americans ascertain the authenticity of Tongkat Ali?

Here is a tip.

An authentic Tongkat Ali dissolves completely in water.

Here are two stark comparisons between a pure authentic Tongkat Ali root using a standardized proprietary extraction technology vs. a less premium Tongkat Ali brand (but marketed as the “best”).

Watch this video below.

Can you see the difference – on the residues left by the after diluting in warm water?

Now the accumulation of unknown residue in your kidney after a long period of time can be harmful.

Whilst every Tongkat Ali brand sold claims to be the “best”, this simple test will nullify basic arguments. Of course, there more advanced tests such as chromatography tests performed in laboratories, but how many of us today have accessibility to such test facilities?

Americans purchase Tongkat Ali directly from source

There are millions of smart Americans who buy authentic Tongkat Ali directly from Malaysian suppliers. 

Yes, you can now purchase the best Tongkat Ali even if you are living in the US with few clicks away.

In fact, there are plenty of happy customers who bought our products online from around the world.

Are you one of them?

Here are some consumer reviews we have collected in 2021.

However, beware of the rise of fake Tongkat Ali laced with other banned substances .

There are plenty of fake Tongkat Ali products sold in the US, especially on Amazon or E-Bay.

Do your research beyond the marketing hype by other Tongkat Ali brands sold online.

The best Tongkat Ali contains purity that you can enjoy daily, and consumed with your favourite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

In fact, it is a herbal tradition for centuries since the 1800s.

For cigar smokers and those who enjoy late nights, the best and finest Tongkat Ali can be consumed without any side effects. The first Tongkat Ali infused red wine was introduced in 2015, indicated the versatility of this herb when consumed with alcohol.

Feedback from party-goers such as reduction in hangover and increased energy are common, thus making Tongkat Ali one of the magical-pills that is popular amongst fun-seeking millennials.

Boutique artisan brands are the best

Rapid commercialization led to the birth of generic Tongkat Ali brands, most of it selling more for profit than focusing on quality ingredient. But what do you know the best Tongkat Ali brands are usually very niche?

Boutique artisan Tongkat Ali brands such as AKARALI specializes in premium and authentic Tongkat Ali through proprietary extraction technology known as Physta®.

AKARALI is one of the few artisan Tongkat Ali brands in Malaysia that promotes scientific-backed education amongst its younger consumers who are actively seeking alternative and natural ways to enhance their vitality.

The brand aims to break the myth and misconception from strong traditional beliefs of masculinity, virility and libido which are closely associated with Tongkat Ali.

AKARALI was coined from a combination of two Malay words; “Akar” which translates to root in English, and the word “Ali”. The word AKARALI equates to “Tongkat Ali root”, or more commonly known as Long Jack in other countries.

Tongkat Ali is Your Next Best Friend

The herbal supplement is gaining more popularity in the United States in recent times.

As long as you are above 35, your gradual reduction of testosterone will inevitably lead you to find the best Tongkat Ali in order to restore that long lost energy and spark – from bedroom activities and jazzing up your activities again.

But if your experience with Tongkat Ali resulted in little to no effect, you may have bought the wrong brand.

And with reasons explained in this article, the best Tongkat Ali cannot be found in the US, or Amazon.

We shall leave you with this thought.

If the best wagyu beef is found in remote areas of Japan, the best Tongkat Ali is found in the deep rainforests of Malaysia.

Tongkat Ali is quintessentially Malaysian, with a century-old tradition filled with a rich history since the early 1800s.

Will you purchase the best if you can buy directly from the source?

Perhaps, it’s time to wave your hyped-up friend Mr. Long Jack in the United States.

And say hello to Tongkat Ali.

This could be your next best friend, because your health deserves the best.

Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a writer and journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meanings through words. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness.

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